Lecture Notes

Photo: Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) at the Communiversity.

Slide decks shown in each class will be posted here 48 hours after class meets.

Lecture Notes for First Day: Class intro

PDF download: N/A

Lecture Notes for Week 2: Dr. Leonard Jeffires, Dr. John Henrik Clarke key points
PDF download: AfricanaIntro_Week2_F22_Night_section_present copy

Lecture Notes for Chapters 1-2: Marimba Ani essay, Black Studies background/founding, Cheikh Anta Diop, etc
PDF download: Karenga_Chapters1_2_present_S23

Lecture Notes for Chapter 3: Ancient African history, Kemet, European conquest
PDF download: Karenga_Chapter3_Lecture_Notes_S23

Lecture Notes for Chapter 4:
PDF download: Part 1–early US history Karenga_Chapter4_Part1_Lecture_Notes_S23

PDF download: Part 2–Civil Rights/Black Power Karenga_Chapter4_Part2_Lecture_Notes_S23

Lecture Notes for Chapter 5:
PDF download: Karenga_Chapter5_Lecture_Notes_F22

Lecture Notes for Chapter 6:
PDF download: Part 1: Karenga_Chapter6_Part1_Lecture_Notes_Copy

PDF download: Part 2: Karenga_Chapter6_Part2_Lecture_Notes_Copy

Lecture Notes for Chapter 7:
PDF download: Karenga_Chapter7_Lecture_Notes_Copy

Lecture Notes for Chapter 8: Not covered this semester
PDF download:

Lecture Notes for Chapter 10:
PDF download: Karenga_Chapter10_Part1Lecture_Notes_Copy

Lecture Notes for midterm/final: Part 1: Knowledge inventory and organizing your preparation
PDF download: Africana_Intro_Midterm_Lecture_Notes

Notes on essay exams:

PDF download Midterm_essays_handout