Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question about the course that isn’t on the syllabus? Maybe you can get an immediate answer here!

Q: How does this website work?

A: Listen to the audio tour embedded below:


Q: How do I contact the Professor?
A: See the About the instructor page for info

Q: Where do I find the course syllabus?
A: See the syllabus page

Q: Do we really need to get the required book?

A: Yes. We’ll be using it. You cannot successfully pass the course without the book!

Q: When do I need to get the book?
A: The course will follow the outline published on the syllabus, but you should make arrangements to get it immediately. The least expensive used books sell out fast and sometimes shipping takes a long time.

Q: What are we doing this week?
A: See the home page for a new post with detailed instructions. It’s updated every week. Make sure you’re looking at the correct post for your course section meeting in the day or night

Q: Where is the reading you assigned?
A: You’ll need the required course books for readings assigned from them: see the Course Books page for info. PDFs and other articles will be on the Readings page or linked in the weekly instructions on the home page. Make sure you’re looking at the correct week and correct course section!

Q: What’s the password for readings?
A: Check your syllabus.

Q: Where can I find the video you assigned?
A: Details will be in the weekly post on the home page. Make sure you’re looking at the correct week! Videos will be linked in the post if they’re on the Internet or on the Video page. The password for Video is the same as for Readings

Q: Why can’t I find things on Blackboard?
A: This class uses this website instead. All important info and updates will be posted here.

Q: How do I turn in my assignment?
A: See details on the assignments page

Q: I read through this entire page, but you still haven’t answered my question!
A:  Contact me and I’ll sort it out!