NIGHT section weeks 7-8: Africans in America Part 2

2014.11 Elizabeth Catlett
Black Unity, 1968
21 in. × 12 1/2 in. × 24 in. (53.3 × 31.8 × 61 cm)

IMPORTANT SCHEDULE NOTE: No week 7 class meet next Monday (10/10); we next meet Monday 10/17


The 13th annual Black Panther Party Film Festival is at Harlem’s Maysles Cinema. There are usually appearances by several former BPP members. Details here.

flyer for 2022 Black Panther Party film festival at Maysles Cinema in Harlem

Quick highlights from week 6

  • Reviewed (parts of) first half of Chapter 4 from Introduction to Black Studies
  • See the Lecture Notes page for a PDF of the slide deck presented in class

DO THIS for Week 8–Monday October 17:

  • Review sections of chapter 4 on Du Bois, Washington, Garvey, and Ida B. Wells: we’ll start class with that
  • Read: the second half of Chapter 4 (Africans in America) in Maulana Karenga’s Introduction to Black Studies (Sections 4.11-4.12 only; pages 150-168).
    • Pay special attention to the following sections: Civil Rights Movement, Black Power Movement, Political Thrust, Cultural Thrust
  •  Read “Malcolm X: The Genesis of His African Revolution” (pp. 139-158) in Dr. John Henrik Clarke’s Africans at the Crossroads: Notes for an African World Revolution (PDF on the Readings page on Saturday.)

    • Think about Clarke’s assessment of Malcolm X. Compare this to what you read last week on Garvey/Washington/DuBois. Make a few brief notes on this–just a few sentences or bullet points is fine.

General reading strategies:

  • Underline/highlight key points in the text
  • Use the reading questions at the back of chapters to focus you: read those first
  • Try to understand the definitions of the key concepts listed at the back of the chapter
  • Make a note to ask the instructor to clarify anything you don’t understand
  • Note key issues, approaches, and dilemmas/challenges Dr. Karenga outlines

Discussion questions

  • TBA

What’s Next?

Chapter 5 in Introduction to Black Studies

Midterm exam: details in next class and posted online with next update