Weeks of November 28/December 4: Off week/ Kawaida with Dr. Segun Shabaka

Photo: Dr. Segun Shabaka. Credit: Joyce Jones/SugaBowl Photography


Wednesday 11/27 we will not meet because of the holiday the next day. CUNY has not cancelled classes though so check any other classes you may have scheduled.

On Wednesday 12/4, we’ll have a guest speaker, Dr. Segun Shabaka, who will do a presentation on the background of the Kawaida philosophy developed by Dr. Maulana Karenga and the US Organization and Kwanzaa. Dr. Shabaka is currently co-chair of the New York chapter of NAKO: the National Association of Kawaida Organizations and formerly a member of the Brooklyn-based cultural center The East, which was a strong presence in the 1970-mid 80s and were the founders of the still-running International African Arts Festival, held annually in Brooklyn over the Fourth of July weekend.

Guests are welcome! Invite classmates, family members, boy/girlfriends, or whoever you think needs to be here!

To prepare for his talk and our class session:

  • (Re)read the sections on Kawaida Theory in Introduction to Black Studies (pages 160-162, 260-263, 420-421)
  • Watch the following presentation on Kwanzaa via YouTube (It’s 48 minutes long)
  • Write 2-3 questions for Dr. Shabaka based on Dr. Karenga’s talk below.


Quick Highlights from 11/20 class:

  • Reviewed Chapter 10 on Black Psychology  in Maulana Karenga’s Introduction to Black Studies (pages 265-283).
    • Focused on sections
  • Lecture notes posted in the usual spot
  • Musical interlude: Ice-T “Mind Over Matter” from O.G. (1991). Watch on YouTube