Week of October 30: Black Sociology

Image: US American Black. Faith Ringgold. via artist’s website. 1969. Oil on canvas. 60 x 84″. From Ringgold’s “Black Light” series.

For Wednesday 10/30, we’ll go to chapter 6 in (Black Sociology) Maulana Karenga’s Introduction to Black Studies. Read up to section 6.6 (pp. 249-268).

You do not need to bring the Dr. Clarke book this week. We won’t be using it.

Short chapter/reading this week to accommodate midterm exam schedules and because the info is important. Focus on study questions 1-6 at the end of the chapter.

Quick highlights from 10/23 class:

  • Midterm exam!
  • Presentation by saxophonist Tyrone Birkett and vocalist Paula Ralph Birkett of Tyrone Birkett Emancipation! Follow the Birketts at their website, which also has links to their social media accounts and you can stream some of their music. You can also watch their live performance at WNYC Radio below (and see other videos on YouTube):


  • Following a change in NY State election laws, you can now vote early! Early voting runs from October 26-November 3, then polls open on the traditional election day of Tuesday November 5. Details on early voting are here (note that this will be different from your usual poll site!) and the main NYC Board of Elections website can answer most of your questions here.