Week of September 25: Africans in America, part 2 + *quiz*

2014.11 Elizabeth Catlett
Black Unity, 1968
21 in. × 12 1/2 in. × 24 in. (53.3 × 31.8 × 61 cm)

For Wednesday 9/25:

  • Read: Chapter 4 (Africans in America) in Maulana Karenga’s Introduction to Black Studies (Sections 4.11-4.12 only; pages 150-168).
    • Pay special attention to the following sections: Civil Rights Movement, Black Power Movement, Political Thrust, Cultural Thrust
  •  Read “Malcolm X: The Genesis of His African Revolution” (pp. 139-158) in Dr. John Henrik Clarke’s Africans at the Crossroads: Notes for an African World Revolution
    • Think about Clarke’s assessment of Malcolm X. Compare this to what you read last week on Garvey/Washington/DuBois. Make a few brief notes on this–just a few sentences or bullet points is fine.
  • Bring both books (or copies) with you to class next week
  • Our first quiz (rescheduled from last week) will be at the beginning of class. Here’s what to expect:
    • Chapter 1, sections 1.3 and 1.4: Relevance and Scope of the discipline
    • Chapter 2, section 2.6: Classical African Studies. Know why Diop is a significant figure/his contributions
    • Chapter 3: Sections 3.5: Nile Valley Civilizations and section 3.9: Decline/conquest of African societies. Know the significance of Kemet (Egypt), why there is an academic focus on it, and the factors that led to European conquest
    • That’s it. Nothing else. Really.
    • Format: several short answer questions
  • After the quiz, we’ll have class as usual
  • Don’t miss it. There are no make-ups. Period. Don’t ask.

Quick highlights from tonight’s class:

  • Musical Breaks: “Why is We Americans?” by Amiri Baraka. On YouTube here. After the break: “When Will We Be Paid?” by the Staples Singers. On YouTube here.
  • Focused on comparison/contrast between Booker T Washington, WEB DuBois, Marcus Garvey, and Ida B Wells-Barnett in Karenga’s chapter 4 and Dr. Clarke’s assessment of Garvey.


  • Lecture notes (my slide presentations) are posted on the Lecture Notes page
  • NY State’s voter registration deadline is approaching for the November elections. Download an application here (PDF). New applications must be postmarked by 10/11 and received by 10/16. Changes in political party affiliation deadline is 10/11. Address change deadline is 10/16. You can also register/change info in person. Full details at the Board of Elections website.