Weeks of November 21/28: Off week/ Kawaida with Dr. Segun Shabaka

Photo: Dr. Segun Shabaka. Credit: Joyce Jones/SugaBowl Photography


Wednesday 11/21 we will not meet because of the holiday the next day. CUNY has not cancelled classes though so check any other classes you may have scheduled.

Our next response paper is due on Wednesday 11/28. See the Assignments Page for details.

On Wednesday 11/28, we’ll have a guest speaker, Dr. Segun Shabaka, who will do a presentation on the background of Kwanzaa. Dr. Shabaka is co-chair of the New York chapter of NAKO: the National Association of Kawaida Organizations and  the Brooklyn-based cultural center The East, which was a strong presence in the 1970-mid 80s and were the founders of the still-running International African Arts Festival, held annually in Brooklyn over the Fourth of July weekend.

To prepare for his talk and our class session:

  • (Re)read the section on Kawaida Theory in Introduction to Black Studies (pages 260-263)
  • Watch the following presentation on Kwanzaa via YouTube (It’s 48 minutes long)
  • Write 2-3 questions for Dr. Shabaka based on Dr. Karenga’s talk below.
  • Write the paper assigned based on Dr. KArenga’s lecture


What to read/look for:

  • TBA

Quick highlights from 11/14 class:

  • Coming soon