Week of October 31: Black Relationships and Africana Womanism

Image: Friends. Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012). via Princeton University Art Museum collection.

For Wednesday 10/31, we’ll finish chapter 6 in Maulana Karenga’s Introduction to Black Studies. Read last part of the chapter (pp. 265-283) on the various feminisms/womanisms and the section on relationships, with a focus on “the connections.”

Also read Clenora Hudson-Weems’s “Africana Womanism: an Overview” (PDF on the Readings page)

You do not need to bring the Dr. Clarke book this week. We won’t be using it.

As you can tell, the schedule on the syllabus has some changes. Check here weekly for details, as usual.

Quick highlights from 10/17 class:

  • Reviewed the parts of Chapter 6 on sociology, Black Family, and  in Maulana Karenga’s Introduction to Black Studies (pages 150-165).
  • Resource/for further reading: Joyce Ladner The Death of White Sociology


  • Dr. Karanja Carroll’s guest lecture on Africana Philosphy’s been moved to November 14 instead of the original date on the syllabus. Guests are welcome. Details on the Guest Speakers page.
  • Black Solidarity Day on Monday 11/6 at various venues in Brooklyn. Details at the December 12th Movement website.