Weeks of December 13/20: Final exam! [UPDATED]


  • Our second (and last) paper will be due on December 13 via email. See details on the assignments page including links to the documentary film.
  • No class next week (12/13), but I will be available during class time (6-8 PM) on the 13th in my office in Carman 398.
  • The final exam is on December 20 from 6-8 PM in our usual classroom. See the schedule for the rest of your classes here. (PDF!)
  • The International African Diaspora Film Festival has several documentary films of interest to Africana scholars. Of note are documentaries on CLR James, Cheikh Anta Diop, Malcolm X, and Winnie Mandela. Details/times at the link.

Final exam overview (TBA)

  • Format will be blue book essays ( 2)
  • Written notes and books will be allowed, but cell phones, laptops, or anything that connects to the internet will not
  • Areas to focus on for exam [Just added]

    • Black Studies definition: Leonard Jeffries essay (PDF)
    • Black Studies approach as defined by Karenga: section 1.3 in Introduction to Black Studies
    • Black Studies Methodology: from IBS, chapter 1
    • Definition of Worldview: from Karanja Carroll essay (PDF)
    • Cheikh Anta Diop’s importance/contributions to field of Africana Studies (from IBS)
    • Last part of Chapter 6 (Black Sociology) in IBS: approaches to gender, gender relations
    • Intro to Chapter 9 (Creative Production) in IBS: Section 9.1, key debates in analyzing art