Week of November 1: Black Religion

First, thanks to Dr. Karanja Keita Carroll for his visit to class! You can find (and follow) him on Twitter as @KaranjaKeita

For Wednesday 11/1, we’ll go to chapter 5 in (Black Religion) Maulana Karenga’s Introduction to Black Studies.

  • Read pages 189-222 and the section on the Nation of Islam (232-239) only.
  • Focus on the sections on: The Dogon Tradition, Maat, and Social Ethics of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

Also read pages 329-364 in Dr. Clarke’s Notes for an African World Revolution, “Image and Mind Control in the African World”

  • Pay attention to how Dr. Clarke frames religion and religious images

You do not need the Amsterdam News this week. We will not be covering it.

Quick highlights from 10/25 class:

  • Reviewed Chapter 10 (Black Psychology) in Maulana Karenga’s Introduction to Black Studies (pages 397-421).
  • Reviewed Joseph A. Baldwin’s “African (Black) Psychology: Issues and Synthesis” (PDF on the Readings page).


  • The first essay is due on Monday 11/6 (Yes, this is before the class meeting for the week.) Get the assignment sheet on the assignments page if you don’t have/have lost it and start working on it, especially if you need to visit the ACE Center for writing assistance. Plan to visit them now.
  • Save the date: Black Solidarity Day program in Brooklyn NY. See flyer below.